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Introduces a kind of internal power supply of supe  2013/12/28
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Introduces a kind of internal power supply of supe
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Abstract: This paper introduces the Far East Cable Co., Ltd. according to the requirement of power supply design in Shanghai world financial center building, research and development of a new high-rise building internal power supply with 10kV hoisting cable, describes the special properties of components, structure design of hoisting cable composition and related technology, the hoisting cable and its application and prospect. Key words: high-rise buildings, hoisting, installation of cable laying, special hanger 1. Development background The world-renowned Shanghai world financial center is currently the tallest building in the world, it is a high-rise, super large comprehensive building. Building 3 floors underground and 101 floors on the ground, the height of 492 meters, a total construction area of 380000 square meters. According to the requirements of power supply design, the whole building 35kV substation in a B2F design, different floors in the B2F and 90F are respectively provided with a pair of 16 10kV, 10kV with the all pair incoming cables are required to use the low smoke halogen-free flame retardant power cable and a power supply, and vice 30F the above layer of the cable into the must also be hanging installation, the cable should be laid in the level of change in B2F, and then by the vertical installation, and then the Deputy level to change the cable tray laying, should not have the longest period of transition joints, horizontal 350m, vertical section of more than 400m. Vertical wells due to limited space, without the support of hanging cable, must be installed From the power supply design of high-rise building can be seen now, the internal power supply based on power load center substation, distribution in different position of high-rise building design, using the 10kV cable from the bottom side of variable voltage substation direct supply to the floor, and effectively reduce the occupation of high-rise building interior space, change the traditional way of low voltage power supply system on the past, greatly shorten the supply path of low voltage cable, reduce line losses, improve power quality, to ensure the safety and reliability of building . Therefore, the Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is a global financial center of Shanghai power supply system design and development of a new high-rise building internal power supply with 10kV hoisting cable. 2 .Structure design of hoisting cable From the power supply scheme, laying path, installation requirements can be seen, the design of the cable structure should meet at least the following points: 1) cable conductor section selection should be able to meet the current carrying capacity of the power load, and the interception ability should as far as possible to improve the cable conductor; 2) due to vertical laying cables up to several hundred meters without support, so the cable should as far as possible to reduce weight and sufficient mechanical tensile strength; 3) cable horizontal segment up to 300m or more, while the bridge laying, but the building interior space is limited, the bridge with continuous turn, bending performance requirements of the cable is very good; 4) cable with low smoke halogen-free flame retardant properties of high; 5) suspended cable on cable for hundreds of metres of cable self weight stress is not enough, must complete the special cable hanger cable corresponding to withstand gravity; 6) in order to reduce the power supply security risks, the level of vertical cables -- -- run level, the middle should not have joint. According to the above principles, we fully determined by comparative analysis, the single core cables with copper conductors with low smoke halogen-free flame retardant grade, the stranding, and in the vertical section is located in the three core cable stranding clearance were added to the wire rope with low smoke halogen-free flame retardant performance and have a good contact with the surface of the cable sheath the bearing unit, special hanger bearing units are connected by cable, the cable hoisting in turn at the level of the building floor vertical structure. The design of the cable structure: the single core cable stranding in the vertical section, increase the bearing unit of wire rope, wire rope hoist cable bearing units are connected, therefore, carried by cable, special hanger unit, the three form of internal power supply of super high-rise building with the hoisting cable. Single core cable can greatly improve the current carrying capacity of three core cable stranded conductor, can reduce the space occupied, bending performance improvement of cable in vertical section, increase the wire rope bearing unit, can be long-term bearing weight of up to several hundred meters of cable laying, and convenient hoisting. 3.The main components of the cable and hoisting technology The hoisting cable conductor and insulation should be said that with the conventional 10kV XLPE power cable insulation wire core is completely consistent, the conductor, conductor shielding, insulation, insulation, XLPE shielding soft copper strip shielding composition, according to the GB/T12706 standard. Cable for low smoke halogen-free flame retardant properties of A grade, so the copper shielding layer will add a layer of extruded low smoke halogen-free high flame retardant, and then on the outside and then extruded low smoke halogen-free outer sheath material, ensure that the cable through the GB/T 18380.3 provides a bundle burning test, smoke density the test of GB/ T 17651, the light transmittance of less than 80%, halogen free performance test in accordance with GB/T 17650.2. Bearing unit selection with high strength steel wire rope of anti-corrosion treatment, the steel wire rope at least each need to bear more than 2 times the weight of the vertical section of cable tension, and according to the three core cable into the cable gap calculation selection of wire rope suitable diameter and strength of the steel wire rope, the outer protective layer shall be extruded outside the cable shape and gap similar with low smoke halogen free flame retardant. Three bearing unit and three single core cable in one, around the outside of banding, bearing unit should have a good contact with the cable sheath, cable to increase and the static friction force. In order to ensure that the bearing unit has adequate safety factor, the design calculation, three bearing unit and special hanger connection should be able to withstand more than 4 times the weight of the vertical section of cable tension and deformation. Special sling due to limited installation space, should be small size, good rigidity, high strength, convenient installation and floor, and three bearing unit connection, convenient adjustment, in order to ensure the long-term safe operation of cables, three load cell force should be uniform, so the bearing unit and sling connection must be adjustable tension, or even run in the process of force monitoring bearing unit. The production process of hoisting cable. Producing process and conventional cable hoisting cable is roughly the same, but need to have six disk cable equipment, cabling process should be according to the actual needs of cable laying horizontal + vertical section and horizontal section length of the organization of production in the three core cable, which should be added to the carrying unit formed in the vertical section. Bearing the process unit and special sling. The bearing is connected with the special sling wire rope units in foreign countries usually use crimping method, this method is simple, mature technology, but the technique is easy to damage the wire rope strength of joints. The project adopts casting connection technology, casting connection technology to anchor cup after testing and heat treatment, according to the different treatment in the alloy material suitable casting temperature of the wire rope end cast anchor cup, and put some pressure on the casting surface dense extrusion. The casting process of the steel wire rope is connected, there is no damage, alloy material with strong, bond strength than the steel wire rope tension strength, does not slip phenomenon, through the test of single bearing unit under 180kN without deformation, three bearing unit under 480kN is completely through the project, to meet the greatest conductor cross section, design the longest cable hoisting requirements. 4.Compared with the performance of the hoisting cable The performance of hoisting cable in addition to performance of XLPE power cables have, should also have the following properties evaluation: 1) thermal electrical test hoisting cable. The hoisting cable to intercept the appropriate length of the sample, the sample loading unit applies a constant force, according to article 18.1.6 of the standard GB/T12706.2-2002 20 times thermal cycling test, the conductor temperature of 90 DEG +5~10 DEG, after the completion of the thermal cycling test, product and partial discharge test of cable partial discharge test, 1.73U0 not more than 5pC. 2) to meet the requirements of cable fire in high-rise building, deal with the hoisting cable bundle burning test and smoke density test, non halogen, low smoke and meet a bunch of flame retardant properties of combustion test. The design of the cable structure has oxygen barrier layer, can effectively prevent the cable insulation material combustion, so as to realize the combustion and flame retardant properties of high light transmittance. 3) to ensure the safety of the lifting cable laid in the lifting process, its rings and special cable sling connected assessment of overall tension test. Bearing unit proper length from the hoisting cable test in 3, according to the process requirements of the special sling, 4 times respectively applied constant force on the bearing unit is connected with the lifting ring sling sling, eyesight observation lifting ring connected with slings and bearing unit has no deformation and pull-out phenomena. 4) to ensure the reliability of hoisting cable installation after long-term operation, but also deal with the fixed plate and cable sling hoist the overall tension test. Bearing unit proper length from the hoisting cable test in 3, according to the process requirements of the special sling, 3 times respectively applied constant force hanger plate is connected with the lifting of the bearing unit, visual observation fixed plate connected with the spreader and bearing unit has no deformation and pull-out phenomena. Compared with the steel wire armored cable hoisting design of the project and the traditional: the same conductor cross section, than the steel wire armored cable to large carrying capacity, so the magnetic loss is reduced due to the cable sheath; the outer diameter of the cable to cable body, light weight, and is easy to realize the vertical bending; level -- a -- level completed laying, cable joint, reduce line risks; cable hoisting is relatively easy, convenient installation. 5.Application and Prospect of the hoisting cable Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is the internal power supply of super tall building in Shanghai world financial center, the design and development of the 10kV in the hoisting cable, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, University and related test institution support, after many tests and expert appraisal, the product passed the test of the whole performance by the authority of experts, in 2005 the domestic cable industry and the construction industry to identify, agreed that the internal power supply of super high-rise building research and development of Far East Cable Co. Ltd. 10kV hoisting cable unique product design, reasonable structure, performance index can meet the engineering requirements; hoisting cable and connecting sling to meet the internal power supply of super high-rise building vertical hoisting construction and the use of requirements; product performance has reached international advanced level. And has been highly recognized by the investment and construction of the Shanghai world financial center. Far East Cable Co., so the products obtained two patents. Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is the production of the first batch of 6/10kV WDZA-DZ-YJY 3* (1*300), WDZA-DZ-YJY 6/10kV 3* (1*400) hoisting cable delivery of Shanghai world financial center, the Shanghai world financial center construction of careful preparation and organization, has successfully achieved the hoisting installation. In such a high building, through underground horizontal section, vertical section, high level segment installation, in the domestic building hanging laying construction is the first, even in foreign countries for hoisting cable tall vertical lifting no precedent in the cable laying, laying construction of all normal circumstances. Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is the Shanghai world financial center, the requirements of the production supply the second batch of hoisting cable. Internal power supply of super high-rise building research and development of Far East Cable Co. Ltd. 10KV hoisting cable can completely replace the traditional steel wire armoured power cable, can bear large pulling force, can effectively reduce the loss caused by the increase of armored steel wire, cable current carrying capacity. Can be used in more than 100 meters high building internal power supply system, improve the internal quality of power supply in high-rise building, greatly reducing the low voltage cables and power supply radius of low voltage cable is reduced, reducing the cable space, convenient installation. The cable can also be used for mining shaft for vertical installation, can effectively reduce the cable connector and fixed facilities.


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